Welcome to your neighborhood creative music school

Violin Viola Piano Cello Guitar Lessons in Plano

 Our mission is devoted to you making the most of your musical abilities. We strive to offer the highest quality music instruction and performance opportunities for all our students. We hold ourselves responsible to provide multidimensional pedagogical approaches and create a musical community filled with cultural, social and intellectual diversity.

           OUR MISSION

Here at Edelweiss School of Music: IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!!!

This is a holistic music school that aims to teach the whole child. Our purpose is to create a loving environment for students to become independent learners. Our teachers are invited to introduce his/her own innovative approaches, as we believe in diversity of teaching strategies. At Edelweiss School of Music, multicultural education is at the core of the curriculum as we integrate our students’ best strengths that are often formed from their ethnic background. In addition, our team believes that music is not only an avenue to express one’s feelings but also a therapeutic practice for all humans, regardless of age.

              OUR PHILOSOPHY